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A2 Milk

Experience A2 milk's purity and freshness with Go Amrut . There is a perfect harmony between flavor and health in every bottle. Delivered to your house within hours of milking, this fresh milk is sourced from the best Gir cows grazing in organic pastures.

Bilona Ghee

Designed utilizing eco-friendly methods Made with milk from grass-fed Indian A2 cows, our A2 Organics Ghee is a golden elixir that is created following the traditional 'Bilona' method.

Ice Cream

We present a variety of mouth-watering delights, sourced directly from nature. Try our ice creams made from pure A2 cow milk and savor the decadent nectar in the form of ice cream.


The curdy milk from our Gir cow A2 is the foundation of our delicious lassi. This invigorating beverage is made by churning it and then sweetening it with pure desi sugar.


Our buttermilk / Chaas, made organically using the "bilona method," after churning butter from our pure A2 milk, can help strengthen your immune system, liver, and digestive tract.

Milk Shakes

Experience the rich, creamy goodness of Ananda A2 Protein Milk. 100% pure cow's milk, free from additives, preservatives, & artificial ingredients.


Low in Calories, High in Deliciousness. Sweets created with Pure A2 Milk and A2 Ghee, perfect for any occasion and every day.

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