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A2 Milk


Go Amrut provides the Gir cows with the best farm care possible during the rearing process. Giving the cows high-quality feed and prompt medical attention ensures their health and wellbeing.


At Go Amrut, we use modern dairy machinery to milk Gir cows, which helps us produce higher-quality milk and also helps us.


The first step in making sure raw milk is clean and appealing to the eye is to clarify it, which involves removing contaminants and unwanted particles.


To eliminate harmful germs while keeping its nutritious content, milk must undergo pasteurization, a critical stage in the processing of milk.


Homogenization is a process that prevents cream from separating by breaking down the fat molecules in milk. Because of this procedure, the finished product has a uniform texture and mouthfeel.


Because of standardization, it is possible to consistently change the fat percentages of various milk types, including whole, reduced-fat, and skim milk. Labs that test milk standardize it according to regulations established by the government.


The next step was packaging the processed milk into several types of containers, such as bottles, cartons, and pouches, which were then sent out to clients.

Bilona Ghee

Processing Raw A2 Milk:

The first step in processing raw A2 milk is boiling it to kill any bacteria that might be present and make sure it's safe to drink. At Go Amrut, we make desi ghee from milk from gir cows that are fed grass.

Curd preparation

This milk is then used to create curd. Once the curd has cooled, the hand-churned bilona process is used at Go Amrut to get butter.


In the next step, we churn the curd using a bilona, a traditional wooden churner. Bilona churning is another name for it. This process separates the curd into buttermilk and butter.

Melting the butter

Next, we melt the butter, thereby evaporating water throughout this process.


The prepared A2 Bilona ghee is packaged at our farm under strict quality control in clean containers.

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